Allison: Not easy to imagine Vettel driving next to Hamilton

Allison: "Not easy to imagine Vettel driving next to Hamilton"

05-06-2020 14:42

Since the departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, there have been many rumors about his future, including a seat at Mercedes. Technical director James Allison just doesn't think that will happen.

The departure of Vettel from his former team has resulted in a big shuffle. Several drivers have changed teams, so suddenly there are a lot of new options on the table. Which drivers will be driving at Mercedes in 2021 is only unknown, with no contract signed for next year.

There are rumours that the team might let Vettel and Lewis Hamilton drive side by side. Allison considers the chance alone quite small. "The first and most obvious thing to be said is that we currently have two very good drivers and we have options for other strong drivers. So it is not very easy to imagine that Vettel will suddenly drive for the team", said the technical director in the podcast F1 Nation.

No duel between Vettel and Hamilton

To put two world champions next to each other is, according to many, also asking for trouble. After all, both of them will not easily fit into the role of number two. That's not a problem, thinks Allison. "If it were to happen, I think both men would find a way to make it work. Lewis is a phenomenal driver and Sebastian also has quite a few nice performances under his belt. I'm sure the professionals in both of them will make it work."

"I just find it very difficult to imagine that the many strong options we currently have will disappear like snow in the sun." Allison is mainly referring to George Russell, who is patiently waiting for a spot on the top team with Williams. On the other hand, Valtteri Bottas continues to fight for his seat.

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