Norris and Albon testing in F3 car to prepare for season start F1

03-06-2020 19:43
Norris and Albon testing in F3 car to prepare for season start F1

Many drivers have spent a lot of time behind the simulator in recent months. At home they are streaming their races, so F1 fans can still enjoy the adventures of the drivers. Still, the racing feeling for the drivers is starting to tickle again. Because F1 will start again in one month, the drivers will also start looking for that feeling for racing again. Lando Norris did that on Wednesday in a very special way.

The driver of McLaren is the reason that many of his colleagues have also started streaming and a month before he is allowed to race again, Norris has decided to start driving on the asphalt. The driver did this according to The Race together with Alex Albon, the driver of Red Bull Racing. Both drivers went for a day in a Formula 3 car, to get the feeling back. 

Back at the old team

Kevin Magnussen and Pierre Gasly used to get into the kart to drive a bit, but Albon and Norris were a bit more serious about it. Norris contacted his old team, Carlin, with whom he won the Formula 3 championship in 2017. So now he has done a private test to make some meters on the track.

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