British government relaxes quarantine scheme for 'elite sports events'

01-06-2020 07:05
British government relaxes quarantine scheme for 'elite sports events'

Formula 1 is said to announce the new Formula 1 calendar on Monday and the name of Great Britain will also be on it. This did not seem possible due to the regulations of the British government, but that will now change.

Whereas the government initially insisted on the fourteen-day quarantine period for travellers from abroad, there now seems to be a relaxation. According to, the government wants to relax the measures somewhat in order to allow elite sports to continue, provided that the organizations provide a clear plan to prevent contamination.

Still racing at Silverstone

For Formula 1, that plan is already ready and reportedly approved by the Austrian government. F1 has been working hard on a plan to come to the circuit with fewer people and to separate those people as well as possible. That works now seems to pay off.

State Secretary of Culture, Oliver Dowden, already announced earlier that there will be relaxations to allow Formula 1, among other things, to take place again. This way nothing seems to stand in the way of the arrival of a Formula 1 calendar with the British Grand Prix on July 2nd and 9th.

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