Kubica: "Bottas or Ricciardo would have been more reassuring at Ferrari"

31-05-2020 15:05 | Updated: 31-05-2020 15:19
by GPblog.com
Kubica: Bottas or Ricciardo would have been more reassuring at Ferrari

From 2021 the lineup at Ferrari will change. From that year on Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will drive for the team in Maranello. For some this came as a surprise, as Daniel Ricciardo also seemed to be on his way to the Italian team. In the end the preference went to the Spaniard, which according to Robert Kubica is a choice with advantages and disadvantages.

The former Williams driver in 2019 did not expect Sebastian Vettel to leave the team. "I was a little surprised to say goodbye to Vettel. But if a relationship is already not going well, it is better to end it", says Kubica to Corriere della Sera. "I think the decision hasn't been made recently. Ferrari is accustomed to plan each move in advance and money has nothing to do with it". 

Never in the lead

Although many see Sainz as a good purchase for the Italian team, Kubica still has his doubts about the Spanish driver. "Attracting Sainz can be considered a brave choice, but he is a driver who has never been in the lead, which can be a problem when fighting for victory".

That's why Kubica expected Ferrari to attract a driver with more experience at the forefront of Formula 1. "(Valtteri) Bottas or Ricciardo would probably have offered more reassurance". Nevertheless, the choice of Ferrari on Sainz has fallen, with which Kubica agrees. "Always fun: It has its pros and cons", concludes the Polish driver about the driver change at Ferrari.

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