Hakkinen: "Vettel needs to show more of himself, for example through social media"

31-05-2020 14:22
by GPblog.com
Hakkinen: Vettel needs to show more of himself, for example through social media

Sebastian Vettel is known for being the only F1 driver who is not active on social media. More and more drivers are sharing their private lives on Instagram, but the Ferrari driver doesn't seem convinced yet. Even Kimi Raikkonen dared to venture into it and we now often see photos and videos of him in his daily life. Nevertheless it remains quiet on the side of Vettel.

Mika Hakkinen would have liked Vettel to be more active on social media. "When he talks about himself and his family, or about racing, he's really a great guy. But that Vettel only communicates with his fans through the media and press conferences is not enough," he said in the F1 Nation podcast

Great for the fans

Hakkinen expects the arrival of Vettel on social media to be very special. "I'm not going to give him advice on what else to do, but I would like him to reveal more about himself in public. The fans would love that", Hakkinen expects. That effect has been seen with Raikkonen before. Through social media, fans got to see more of his daily life, which also made him better understood by the fans.

For next year Vettel will still be at Ferrari, but in 2021 the German will have to look for a new team. Hakkinen thinks he knows why Vettel is leaving Ferrari. "He was quite disappointed at Ferrari. The joy of the team was no longer with Vettel. He no longer felt at ease within the team because he got a lot of criticism", Hakkinen concludes.

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