Horner: "Verstappen has already run more races on simulator than in F1 season"

29-05-2020 16:56
by Editorial Team
Horner: Verstappen has already run more races on simulator than in F1 season

At Red Bull Racing they would have liked to be able to race next season. With Max Verstappen and Alex Albon as the line-up, the expectations for 2020 were high. Unfortunately the coronavirus throws a spanner in the works and the team has to wait at least another month before they can really start racing. Still, the team keeps a lot of contact with each other, which is very important according to team boss Christian Horner.

"The lockdown of course means I haven't had a chance to see Max and Alex in real life yet, but we keep in touch via Whatsapp and by calling. It's actually old-fashioned to call someone normally now that we're all in contact via video connections," Horner explains in his own column. The team boss is happy with the drivers and the things they do.

Lots of contact with the team

"They've been in contact with the whole team via video messages and they were at the last meeting I held with the team to keep everyone informed". Not only do the drivers participate in the meetings, the drivers are also present at other activities of the team", Horner says. "I'm also happy to say that they took part in our online fitness sessions."

Although the drivers are often present at the team meetings, Horner also sees that they are ready to start racing again. "They both stay fit but they're really not good at staying inside all day. They are both sim racing a lot now, Max in particular. He's probably done more races on the simulator than in the whole F1 season. Fortunately both drivers are spending their time well, but they really can't wait to start racing again", Horner concludes.


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