Williams: "Expecting to have new investors within four months"

29-05-2020 15:35
by GPblog.com
Williams: Expecting to have new investors within four months

Due to the breakup of the short marriage between ROKit and Williams, the British team has to look for a new title sponsor. The team has ridden under the name of ROKiT for one season, but before the 2020 season has started, the old team has to start looking for a new sponsor.

Claire Williams, team boss of the team, is optimistic about Williams' plan. "We don't have exactly a plan yet, but we want to finish it within three to four months", she says to Motorsport.com. "We expect to be able to achieve our goal within that time. Fortunately, we are fully funded to continue racing for the rest of the year".

Securing the future of the team

One of the possibilities for Williams is to sell part of the team all the way. Claire Williams looked at this for a long time, because it goes against the philosophy of Frank Williams. "It's not about the Williams family now. It's about securing Williams' future."

With the announcement of the new regulations for the coming years, Williams is strategically trying to start new collaborations. "With these new rules, a lot of things are going to change. I expect that will be very interesting for the team. Everything around us is changing, so I am confident that we can find the right investors," said Williams.

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