Hockenheim sees opportunities for GP rise: "England's decision affects us"

20-05-2020 15:38
by GPblog.com
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Hockenheim sees opportunities for GP rise: England's decision affects us

The British Grand Prix may not go ahead due to the announced quarantine measures of the British government. Formula 1 is fencing with Hockenheim as a replacement, in the hope that Premier Boris Johnson will make an exception for the sport. This lobby is also being watched in Germany.

The British government has recently determined that everyone entering the country must then be quarantined for a fortnight. Because Formula 1 is still in Austria a week before the British Grand Prix, the race at Silverstone could therefore not take place.

Hockenheim adds to statements Formula 1

So Formula 1 has unofficially announced that in that case it will move to Hockenheim. Circuit director of the Hockenheim ring, Jorn Teske, also indicates this with the following statement with Motorsport.com.

"It looks like the political decision about the quarantine rules in England and about a possible exception to those rules could have consequences for the European racing calendar and therefore also for us."

So the chance of a German Grand Prix at the loss of Silverstone increases, but that doesn't mean that people in Hockenheim are completely dependent on it. "Conversely, this doesn't mean we will automatically be out of the race if the GPs in England do take place", said Teske.

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