Bild: 'Grand Prix at Hockenheim is certain, possibly two races'

14-05-2020 20:06 | Updated: 14-05-2020 20:09
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Bild: 'Grand Prix at Hockenheim is certain, possibly two races'

With the postponement of several races and the search for alternatives, the German circuit Hockenheim has put itself in the spotlight several times as an option for organizing a Grand Prix. The circuit was not on the calendar for this year because of the high costs they have to cough up, but if the FOM drops the hosting fees, a race in Germany is still feasible.

Racing in Germany

The intention is to race at Silverstone after the two races in Austria, but the British government can put a stop to this with the corona measures. Formula 1 doesn't benefit from holes in the calendar, they want to race as many races as possible this year, so they have to have alternative options.

Hockenheim is mentioned here, just like Portimão in Portugal, but Bild claims to have certainty. The German website writes that Hockenheim is almost certainly in the race to organize a German Grand Prix. In fact, it would already be a certainty and two races are being considered.

This would then be the perfect alternative to the British Grand Prix, should it indeed disappear due to the measures in place.

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