Magnussen: "As long as we're gonna race, I think everything's okay"

10-05-2020 13:24 | Updated: 10-05-2020 13:26
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Magnussen: As long as we're gonna race, I think everything's okay

Kevin Magnussen had hoped to do better next year than last year. With Haas he was very disappointed in 2019, partly due to a number of collisions with his own teammate, Romain Grosjean. In an interview with Sky Sports F1 he talks about his expectations of a possible season start in Austria.

"It wouldn't frighten me, but it would make me very enthusiastic," Magnussen explains. The danger of the coronavirus is present, despite all the measures the FIA is going to take to organize a safe event. "I know you won't lose the feeling. You get a little rusty after a while, but not quite."

As long as we're gonna race again

For Magnussen it is a familiar feeling not to have a seat on an F1 team for a longer period of time. "In 2015 I didn't have a seat for a season. Fortunately at the winter test in 2016 it didn't take long before I got that feeling back, it soon felt like a normal winter". Magnussen had to wait on the side in 2015, until he could start driving for Renault in 2016.

Although it is not recommended to travel a lot, Magnussen is looking forward to getting back on the road. "It will be difficult and a big task to make everything work, but if I can start racing again I will be ahead of him. We have to be sure that everything is safe to race". Magnussen is annoyed that there shouldn't be an audience, but he also understands the considerations. "It's not ideal but it's better than not racing for a long time."

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