Future of F1 uncertain: 'Manufacturers want relevance for street cars''

06-05-2020 09:15
by GPblog.com
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Future of F1 uncertain: 'Manufacturers want relevance for street cars''

Formula 1 and Formula E still seem to be a long way from each other at the moment, but according to the boss of the Formula E championship, the two sports could eventually go together into one.

Merger between FE and F1?

It's another sound that many Formula 1 fans can't hear. The squeaking sound of Formula E cars takes some getting used to and you have to be able to look around to see the spectacle of racing in the electric class. According to Agag it will have to be, because according to him it won't be long before the series go together.

''Formula E will ultimately be the sport that represents the car industry, not Formula 1. F1 has three options for the long term. Option one is a merger with the FE, but at the moment it is not. Perhaps in a few years. A second option is to stick to the internal combustion engine, because the sport no longer cares about the development of the automotive industry," said Agag to Motorsport.com.

No big brands in F1

According to Agag this is an option, but not ideal because brands like Daimler, Fiat, Honda and Renault only want to participate if it does make a connection with the street cars. The idea of marketing Formula 1 mainly as entertainment goes against the wishes of the car industry. However, Agag is not worried about the future.

''Option three is that Formula 1 will wait until 2039 before applying for a licence for an electric class. Until then, we will have the license. I prefer to see a merger or collaboration, because that would also be lucrative for Formula E'', concludes Agag who himself puts more emphasis on climate change with his new project Extreme E.

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