Mol: 'Sainz has dissipated the rumor about Ferrari itself'

28-04-2020 13:00 | Updated: 28-04-2020 13:58
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Mol: 'Sainz has dissipated the rumor about Ferrari itself'

Sebastian Vettel's contract expires at the end of 2020, which creates speculation. The name of Carlos Sainz is mentioned as a replacement and according to Olav Mol this is not entirely coincidental.

According to La Gazetta dello Sport, Vettel has been offered a one-year deal with the same conditions as Charles Leclerc. As a result, the German would have declined a first offer. Sainz is mentioned as a replacement, but according to Mol the Spaniard had a hand in this himself.

Sainz created the rumor himself

"I know those Sainz's a little bit and they just brought that out themselves. If it's really an option for Sainz, I think it's way too early. He already has to work very hard to reach this level and as a Ferrari driver there is just a little bit more pressure. Leclerc had some trouble with that at first'', Mol says in the podcast F1 aan Tafel of Grand Prix Radio.

Sainz was 'best of the rest' in 2019, but Mol doesn't say that much. ''I don't know if Sainz is strong enough for Ferrari. He's very strong on Sunday, but he's just not constant enough for that. I don't have the idea that he runs liquid for a while to become the sauce on pasta at Ferrari'', concludes Mol in style.

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