Gasly: "Racing without an audience allows us to start the season earlier."

21-04-2020 14:58
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Gasly: Racing without an audience allows us to start the season earlier.

In the coming weeks some important decisions will be taken regarding the upcoming Formula 1 season. Among others the British Grand Prix has set a deadline at the end of April for a decision on the continuation of their event on July 19th. In any case Pierre Gasly has put his hopes on that.

"I'm a very optimistic and positive person. I can't wait to start again when the situation has improved", says Gasly to the regional French newspaper Vosges Matin. "We must not put anyone at risk and that will be the deciding factor in the end, but all the drivers want to get on the track as soon as possible".

In order to get that done, the driver of AlphaTauri has put his hopes in races without an audience. He says he's going to miss out on the atmosphere of over 300,000 visitors over the weekend, but he thinks it's the best option.

"It's the safest option for everyone and it allows us to start the championship earlier. I think it's clear that we have to do this." The following months will be very intense, both physically and mentally, according to Gasly, because the teams and drivers will not get a single moment's rest.

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