Steiner: ''It would be nice if the sport became more competitive''

21-04-2020 09:31
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Steiner: ''It would be nice if the sport became more competitive''

Formula 1 is working hard to find a solution to the current problem caused by the coronavirus. It is not yet possible to race, but according to Günther Steiner there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The budget cap

"I counted them, 25 people were there last time at the meeting", Steiner starts in his familiar way with a big smile. "We're not talking about the calendar during those meetings. That's up to the FOM (Formula One Management) and they're doing a good job of getting that done at the moment'', says Steiner in the 'Vodcast' of Sky Sports.

What the teams do have influence on is the budget cap and the new path for Formula 1. ''There will always be teams that can spend more money, but it would be so much fun if it was more competitive. The gap to the top is now more than one hundred million euros and that doesn't really give us a chance''.

Future of F1

The teams keep bickering over that cap, but meanwhile the teams are also struggling with the consequences of the crisis. Because of the coronavirus the teams have no income, but they do have a lot of expenses. The fact that there is still no clarity does not make it any easier for teams.

''The hardest part is that you don't know what's going to happen. We could race tomorrow, but it could also be months from now. This makes it very difficult to plan, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel with options in Austria and England. However, this is the most difficult period of my career in Formula 1'', concludes Haas' team boss.

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