Auto, Motor und Sport: 'F1 contemplates double race in Austria and United Kingdom'

07-04-2020 10:23 | Updated: 07-04-2020 10:27
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Auto, Motor und Sport: 'F1 contemplates double race in Austria and United Kingdom'

The big question in Formula 1 at the moment is when everything will start again. According to Auto, Motor und Sport we will have to wait a while, because the Canadian and French Grands Prix are also about to be postponed.

Double Grands Prix

This can be read in the often well-informed German medium. However, the fact that the GP of Canada will not take place is not a surprise. An event for mid-June was already cancelled in Canada, the athletes were forbidden to go to the Olympics at the end of July and now the race at the beginning of June does not seem to take place in Montreal either.

According to AMuS, the French Grand Prix is not certain yet either and they are mainly looking at the planning of the Tour de France. The French cycling race usually starts in the beginning of July, but could just as well be cast in a different form by the corona virus. What follows is the GP of Austria and there are opportunities there.

Silverstone the other way around

In Austria the coronavirus is beginning to get under control and according to Auto, Motor und Sport the race could go on. There is even talk of two races in a row on the Red Bull Ring, in order to be able to start immediately with a good number of races. After the Double Header in Austria, the Grand Prix will follow at Silverstone.

There, too, people are playing with the idea of organizing an extra race and Silverstone has even announced that it would like to organize two races in a row. The idea was to do the second race against the direction, but according to the German magazine this is not feasible, because the circuit has to be adapted for safety reasons.

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