Former McLaren boss helps fight coronavirus

05-04-2020 17:20
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Former McLaren boss helps fight coronavirus

Former McLaren boss Ron Dennis helps in the fight against the coronavirus. He launches an initiative to help deliver free meals to frontline National Health Service employees in England.


Dennis set up together with food and catering expert Nigel Harris. Funded with a £1 million donation from Dennis' DreamChasing foundation, the organization aims to provide one million free meals to British NHS staff.

" was founded to help fight the war against Covid-19. It brings together result-oriented professionals with in-depth experience in highly technical teamwork, strategic logistics, the production of safe, nutritious food and, above all, the knowledge of what it takes to win", says a statement from the organization.


Dennis was alerted to one of the many problems that NHS employees face because of the first-hand experience of his daughter Charlotte, who is an anaesthetist at an intensive care unit. "Charlotte came to me with a very human and personal problem, and the foundation wants to take care of it. That's what it's all about", the former McLaren Group president told The Telegraph.

"She said the problem is that there are quantities of medical staff in a specific section who have to stay in their clinical areas due to cross-contamination, keeping them away from eating areas", Dennis said. "By the time the food gets to them it'll be cold."

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