Ricciardo remembers: "Sent Abiteboul a long e-mail with points for improvement"

31-03-2020 06:00
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Ricciardo remembers: Sent Abiteboul a long e-mail with points for improvement

Daniel Ricciardo is preparing for his second season at Renault. Last year the former Red Bull Racing driver ended up in a completely different environment than he was used to and that took some time and adaptability. Ricciardo will be more ready for it in 2020 than he was last season.

When asked to what extent the things he learned last year affect the preparation for the 2020 season, Ricciardo answers: "Just being in a familiar environment, it’s made [me]… I’m going to say the word relaxed, but not in a lazy way."

Ricciardo came up with a laundry list of areas for improvement

During last year's first Grand Prix weekend Ricciardo immediately wanted to see and do a lot of things differently, he says in F1 Racing magazine. "After Melbourne last year, I remember sending Cyril (Abiteboul, team boss) quite a long email with a whole list of things that we can do better, but it’s not going to turn around in one day or one week – we have to put things in place", said the driver from Perth, who wants to do things differently this year. "This year, I want to come to the table with a plan of action – just be a bit more intelligent about the way I bring things to them, and sometimes taking action and initiative myself."

The yellow factory team have declared themselves in favour of taking fourth place in the constructors' championship. Pretty optimistic given the huge gap to McLaren in 2019. "It’s important to set targets" the Australian knows. "But you need to be fluid, and you need to adapt – positive or negative. I feel even last year, I came into the team and there was still quite a few moving parts – personnel coming in and out, some parts of the factory were still under construction. I feel this year my place is more concrete."

Evolution better than revolution

So a lot has changed in terms of personnel and factory, but the 2020 car is very similar to that of 2019. "Things take time. And I think having, let’s say, an evolution of a 2019 car is the smartest way for us to make progress. Everyone wants the miracle, but we’re not in a position to do that, realistically. It’s been a long time since the team won, so that formula needs to be built up with a proper foundation. I trust this process; I think it’s the smartest way to do it" concluded the 30-year-old driver.

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