Stroll admits he's "feeling fresh" as Racing Point show pace in F1 testing

27-02-2020 17:54
by Matt Gretton
Stroll admits he's feeling fresh as Racing Point show pace in F1 testing

Racing Point have been at the top of the timesheets in F1 testing this season. Some pundits and fans are questioning if they can potentially challenge in Australia, but Lance Stroll remains unmoved by the prospect. 

"It's easy to get exciting in testing. You don't know what everyone is doing but I'm feeling good in the car and the most important thing is Australia. I hope it comes sooner than later! It's promising that we are close to Sebastian Vettel on long runs, but we don't know what they're doing so we'll see," Stroll told GPblog and the rest of the media in Barcelona. 

Annoying wind

On the track, a number of drivers got caught out by the wind. While Stroll didn't visually have issues himself, he admits it was difficult to get some consistent running with the challenging track conditions. 

"It was a tricky day. There was some wet running at the start of the day which held us back for a couple of hours. And then the wind in the afternoon took away some of the flow. We had to sit around a bit, it wasn't perfect but we still got around 140 laps in. All the offseason training was but into good use today," Stroll added. 

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