Is Binotto concerned? Racing Point are "certainly very close to Ferrari"

27-02-2020 17:17
by Matt Gretton
Is Binotto concerned? Racing Point are certainly very close to Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari topped the timesheets on the penultimate day of Formula 1 testing in Barcelona, but they've not exactly been impressive. Vettel set his fastest lap on the C5 tyres, the softest choice of compounds available and therefore the quickest. 

Despite Vettel using these tyres, Racing Point's Lance Stroll and AlphaTauri's Pierre Gasly were less than two-tenths behind on slower tyres. Racing Point have been showcasing strength after strength in Barcelona. Sky Sports asked Binotto if he was concerned by their pace as some question whether Racing Point are ahead.

"I think Racing Point are certainly very close. I think it's not surprising if you look at the shape of their car," the Ferrari boss jokes as their car looks like a pink version of last year's Mercedes. 

"But yes, they are strong. But I'm convinced Ferrari as a team are strong enough to develop now onwards. And to make sure we are strong enough not to be threatened."

What about Red Bull?

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have also looked strong in pre-season, despite some issues on their car over the last couple of days. Max Verstappen recorded a high lap count in the opening week of testing while also posting solid lap times. Binotto says Red Bull Racing are continuing their strong form from last year. 

"It's hard to judge. They were competitive at the end of last season. It'll be a surprise if they're not competitive again," Binotto added.  


Will Racing Point finish on the podium in Melbourne?

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