What Renault need to do to keep hold of Daniel Ricciardo

27-02-2020 09:46 | Updated: 27-02-2020 10:16
by Louis Shaw
What Renault need to do to keep hold of Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo's contract with Renault will run out at the end of the season and his future in the sport is uncertain. Alain Prost wants Renault to hold onto the Aussie and has listed what the team needs to do if they are to get him to sign on for the future. 

"First of all we need to make 2020 much better than 2019, in terms of reliability of the car and the engine, which I think should be much, much better," Prost told Sky Sports. 

"In terms of development, we need to show what we are going to get on the car in Melbourne, Vietnam and Holland are going to be there. Last year we brought a lot of different things, especially middle of the season, that didn't work well.

"If you see the performance of the car, you are happy, you are confident, so we need to show that.

"And he knows much more of what we are doing for next season on the chassis side and the engine also because we have a completely new engine."

Renault will need to improve drastically and get back near the top of the grid if they are to hold onto Ricciardo for 2021. Otherwise the Aussie will be looking elsewhere for a faster car. 

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