Ferrari: Vettel's engine problem is no cause for concern

24-02-2020 15:48
by Matt Gretton
Ferrari: Vettel's engine problem is no cause for concern

After a week full of illness, Sebastian Vettel finally got a full-day on track with his new car. Just laps into the third day of testing, the German stopped on track with engine trouble and the Italians were forced to keep their car in the garage for the rest of the morning. According to Ferrari themselves, this problem is nothing to worry about after it went through checks. 

"The engine where the problem was discovered was completely checked in Maranello. The problem is a small problem with the oil system. It is not a cause for concern and work is already underway to resolve the problem," the team said in a statement about the car.

The goal is many laps

Vettel himself said after the first test week that the intention was not to push the engine: “I don't think the goal is to prove the engine's maximum power now. The goal is to do as many laps as possible. We have, of course, driven many kilometres to ensure that the car is reliable."

In the first week, Ferrari were miles away from the lap times set by Mercedes and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. They will hope to get closer during the second week of testing. On Wednesday, Charles Leclerc and Vettel will both drive the car. On Thursday, Vettel will get another full day inside the cockpit while Leclerc will round-off the winter action for Ferrari. 

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