Renault were "wide-eyed" after seeing Mercedes DAS for the first time

24-02-2020 09:49
by Louis Shaw
Renault were wide-eyed after seeing Mercedes DAS for the first time

Renault's sporting director Alan Permane admits that he was "wide-eyed" when he first saw the Mercedes DAS system during testing last week. The system has been deemed legal but it is unknown yet as to how much speed it will give the reigning champions. 

“I think we were a little bit wide-eyed [about] what’s it doing, how’s it doing it,” Permane said to

“Like most people I think we did a bit of video analysis. We don’t know what it’s doing I guess.

“James [Allison] and his men have done something clever and undoubtedly they think there is plenty of lap time in it.

“Obviously Mercedes have clearly found something they think is a benefit, and I think that’s one of the rather wonderful things about Formula 1.”

Teams will have to decide whether they want to try and implement the system or if they look to find time elsewhere. 

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