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Daniel Ricciardo: Renault have still got a lot of work to do

Daniel Ricciardo: Renault "have still got a lot of work to do"

27-01-2020 08:44

Daniel Ricciardo had a disappointing debut season for Renault in 2019 and the French team struggled to live up to their promise to the Aussie racer. Ricciardo has admitted that he was not happy after the first few races and hopes that 2020 will be the team's year. 

“The high was kind of in-line – a top five, whatever, I knew was there,” he said to RaceFans.net. “But the lows, at times, we were like scratching our heads like ‘we shouldn’t be this far down’.

“We’re not going to be a top-five car maybe every race. But to be running 14th or something, we thought we were done with this. That was where there was a bit of head-scratching and the reality is we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

The move from Red Bull Racing

Ricciardo left Red Bull and believes that moving to a slower car has its real challenges and thinks that it would have been easier to have joined a faster team. 

“Coming into a car with more grip is normally easier,” said Ricciardo. “Okay, there’s a bit more expectation, but you get in and it does more things that you want it to do. So in a way that’s easier than going from Red Bull back to here.

“I think how I adapted to that, I was quite happy. The first few races I wasn’t happy with myself, I expected more, but I think I developed well.”

Ricciardo will hope that Renault's improvements make them competitive in 2020 and that we see him racing back at the top of the grid. 

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