Five moments we're looking forward to in Netflix's Drive to Survive season 2!

22-01-2020 17:47 | Updated: 23-01-2020 09:42
by Matt Gretton
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Five moments we're looking forward to in Netflix's Drive to Survive season 2!

On Wednesday, Netflix confirmed the release date for the second season of their Formula 1 show: Drive to Survive. This season will feature Mercedes and Ferrari for the first time after missing out in season one. All 10 teams will feature. 

The first season of 'Drive to Survive' proved to be a success with both F1 fans and viewers who aren't familiar with the sport after getting a behind the scenes look at what happens during race weekends. 

The new season will become available on Friday, February 28th. While the battle for the world championship wasn't the most exciting, there were many sub-plots throughout the year. Here are five moments we're looking forward to in Netflix's 'Drive to Survive' season 2. 

Mercedes meltdown at home

What an occasion it was. A home race for the Silver Arrows and everyone in the team was all dressed up for special anniversary celebrations. But come Sunday afternoon and the party mood was squashed entirely. Toto Wolff looked pretty angry when he saw Valtteri Bottas crash, and Lewis Hamilton only just managed a points finish. He needed the Alfa Romeo disqualification to keep his scoring record alive. The behind the scenes reactions of this will be fascinating. 

The Ferrari crash in Brazil

Speaking of meltdowns, Ferrari had their very own version in Brazil. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc collided on track to produce another unusual podium. Mattia Binotto, Leclerc and Vettel seemed rather cool behind the media but this is one that could have inflated behind the scenes. The first conversation between the two drivers will also be one we all want to see

Ferrari team orders...?

Sticking with Ferrari. What were those team orders in Russia? In what is believed to be a pre-arranged strategy, Vettel was supposed to use Leclerc's slipstream to maintain the 1-2 off the start line. If the German moved ahead (which he did), then he was supposed to swap back with Leclerc (which he didn't). Hopefully, the documentary sheds some light in this.   

Gasly's problems at Red Bull

Pierre Gasly wasn't able to see the end of his debut year at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. He was demoted back to Toro Rosso during the summer break and was replaced by Alex Albon. Hopefully, we can get some footage or audio relating to this. 

Guenther Steiner

Steiner was the star of Drive to Survive series one and with everything that's been going on at Haas this year, we expect the same to happen this year! Steiner has had plenty to deal with this season, from Haas' race pace problems to the off-track issues with Rich Energy. Romain Grosjean kept up his crashing form, and in Silverstone, he collides with Kevin Magnussen. Fireworks. We can't wait! 

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