Ricciardo is still learning "when to be sensible" during midfield fights

19-01-2020 08:48 | Updated: 19-01-2020 09:54
by Matt Gretton
Ricciardo is still learning when to be sensible during midfield fights

Daniel Ricciardo will soon start his second Formula 1 season in the Renault cockpit. The Australian will have a little bit more knowledge and experience about driving in the midfield which he says requires more "discipline" than driving at the back of the grid. 

Ricciardo spent five seasons in a race-winning car before leaving for Renault. The former Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver only managed to find himself in the top five places once across the whole 2019 F1 season. 

With the midfield being closer together, the cars are often in battle with each other. Ricciardo believes any small mistakes are magnified when you're in the middle. He explains why in an interview with RaceFans.net. 

"It’s so easy to over-drive and to try to get that extra tenth and you end up losing a tenth. It’s kind of no different to the past, like, you’re obviously always trying to get the most out of the car. But I think just being more conscious of how what a bit of over-driving does. Especially with the midfield, the car is obviously not as good as the front guys so if you do have a slide, I think you lose more time and overheat the tyres and you seem to pay a bigger price," Ricciardo said. 

"It’s taught me probably just a bit of discipline over anything else. Because the long and short is you are always trying to drive as hard and fast as you can. But picking your moments is probably the best way to put it."

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