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Michael Masi thanks drivers for their support in 2019

Michael Masi thanks drivers for their support in 2019

06-01-2020 10:03

Race director Michael Masi has thanked those around him for giving him the help and support to fill the massive hole left by former race director Charlie Whiting. Masi was thrust into the role just days before the season opening Australian Grand Prix when Whiting sadly passed away.

Masi was given the role and had a job on his hands to fill the great work Whiting did, but he seems to have gotten on fine without too many issues, but he says he wouldn't have been able to do it without the help he has received.

He sais in response to a question from RaceFans.net: “What happened in Melbourne was a hugely sad, unfortunate set of circumstances on a number of levels. I’ve been asked a couple of times of late what my toughest event of the year was and by far it was Melbourne.

“Overall I couldn’t have got through this year without the team, the people I have immediately around me at the FIA and the support that I received there.

“And importantly, there’s 20 guys driving cars and 10 teams that, all of them, have embraced, supported and assisted me. And without everyone I couldn’t have got through this year. That’s the simple part.”

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