Günther Steiner on the 2021 budget cap

12-12-2019 08:32
by Louis Shaw
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Günther Steiner on the 2021 budget cap

The 2021 rule changes are set to introduce a budget cap in Formula 1. Teams will be allowed to spend up to $175 million per season and some of the big teams are strongly against this. However, teams like Haas don't spend that much money per season anyway so the cap is likely not to impact them. 

"I'm not worried because you can not change anything anyway - you try your best and hope the competition does not have a better car than us," Steiner said to Motorsport.com.

"We're in December now, what else can we do, even if we had 20 million more, who should get involved because one year later they would have to be released," explains Steiner. "The big teams are stronger, have more resources and will be ahead, nobody is surprised."

Next season will be much of a transitional period between the current rules and 2021. 

"There were proposals to introduce the budget ceiling in 2021 and the new regulations in 2022. Of course, it's painful to get there, nothing is free, and at some point, you have to decide it."

The aim of the 2021 budget cap is to make Formula 1 more equal and Haas will hope that this brings the top teams down to their level a bit more. 

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