Binotto: "There should still be some changes" to the F1 rules in 2021

10-12-2019 08:58
by Matt Gretton
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Binotto: There should still be some changes to the F1 rules in 2021

Mattia Binotto has revealed Ferrari are still not 100% convinced by the current list of rules and regulations for the 2021 Formula 1 season. The team voted for the overhaul but would still like to see some more changes as we move closer to their implementation. The FIA and Formula 1 presented the latest plans for the shake-up ahead of the United States Grand Prix on October 31.   

Following the announcement in Austin, the changes were praised by fans and media from across the world. A lot of teams, particularly those lower down in the world championship, were very supportive of the plans. 

However, Ferrari were and are still one of the teams in the current championship who remain sceptical. Ferrari team boss Binotto admits he and his team would like to see some more changes as we move forward. 

"It's true that we had our doubts about different points in the new regulations. Again and again, we have expressed this very clearly at the meetings of the working groups or the team leaders. In our opinion, there should still be some changes," Binotto said in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport

"We had success with a few things. The transmission and braking system are no longer standard parts. The rules for aerodynamics now offer a little more freedom. The last package that was voted on was better than the first one presented to us. We voted in the World Council for it, although the package still does not convince us one hundred percent. Our vote would not have mattered anyway. 

"The majority would have been enough. But then we would have been the only objection. That did not make sense. We've said that the only correct approach is to get the move going."

Lewis Hamilton has seemingly been re-energised by the proposed changes. He'll be 36-years-old by the time the 2021 rules come into F1, but he has stated just how keen he is to continue. By that time, he might be aiming to beat Michael Schumacher's title tally. 

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