Sebastian Vettel insists he is not to blame: "I was going straight"

19-11-2019 15:59
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Sebastian Vettel insists he is not to blame: I was going straight

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc crashed into each other ending both of their races at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Fans and pundits have largely blamed Vettel for the incident but the stewards decided that it was a racing incident. The Ferrari driver has insisted that he is not to blame and agrees with the stewards ruling. 

“No. I was going straight,” Vettel said to RaceFans.

“I had a better run out of the chicane, tried to pass, and then we touched,” Vettel added.

It is no secret that relationships at Ferrari are under tension after the team continued to back Vettel as their number one driver despite Leclerc's performances. This incident is not what Ferrari would have wanted. 

Leclerc feels that he is definitely not to blame. 

“I overtook in turn one,” he said. “Then on the run to turn four I closed the door.

“I was aware he was on the outside, I left a little space but enough for him. And then I think he tried to squeeze me a little bit towards the inside. And we were very close so we touched straightaway and I had a puncture.”

There was minimal contact and they were very unlucky to have so much damage to their cars after such a small collision. 

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