Binotto: "Not fair to be surprised about Honda speed"

18-11-2019 15:32
by Matt Gretton
F1 News
Binotto: Not fair to be surprised about Honda speed

Honda claimed a one-two victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but it probably wasn't the two drivers they were expecting. Max Verstappen climbed the top step while Pierre Gasly put the gas down in the final 500 meters of the race against Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes and proved the Honda engine has the power in a straight fight. 

Mattia Binotto says the Formula 1 world shouldn't be surprised by their speed. Earlier in the season, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Verstappen claimed that Ferrari are cheating. Last weekend, Sebastian Vettel got one back on his rival by saying the Honda engine looks suspicious. 

Mattia Binotto, unlike one of his drivers, takes it seriously and refuses to point the finger.

"I cannot explain what they are doing, I only know how we work," he told the Italian media on Interlagos. "Their speed was high, but to say it is surprising would not be fair."

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