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Claire Williams: “It has been a brutal year for me

Claire Williams: “It has been a brutal year for me"

15-11-2019 12:30

Williams have really struggled this season and Claire Williams has admitted that she has had a really tough time so far this year. The team have consistently finished at the back of the grid and only have one championship point. Sir Frank Williams has taken a step down from running the team and Claire has opened up on what the relationship is like now. 

“People ask me: ‘How does your dad feel about the situation?’ As if I am going to say: ‘Well he’s thrashing me every day... He’s not,” she says with a wry smile. “He understands that F1 is hard work, it’s tough,” Claire Williams said to The Guardian

“It has been a brutal year for me, it has been a brutal year for everybody at Williams. We have all had our challenges going through this but I have always said the true test of character is how you react in difficult situations. That you don’t give up when the road gets rocky, you keep fighting.

"That’s one of the greatest lessons my dad taught me. He didn’t have easy racing and easy rides.”

The Williams family will hope that they can make progress over the winter break and that next season the team will be more competitive. 

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