Pascal Wehrlein looking towards next step of career

22-10-2019 11:12
by Tom Mason
F1 News
Pascal Wehrlein looking towards next step of career

Pascal Wehrlein has said that he is open to the option of returning to Formula One with Campos Racing who are looking into the possibility of joining the grid in 2021. The Formula E driver hasn't driven in F1 since 2017 when he drove for Sauber and Manor.

He is currently Ferrari's F1 development driver but there are currently "no serious discussions" in place with new teams although this could change in the coming months.

"Obviously I know Adrian Campos - he was a long-time part of Mahindra," Wehrlein told Autosport.

"So that's how I know him, and obviously the guys from Monaco they are my management so I'm mostly close with them.

"But I don't know what's going to happen - 2021, let's see.

"I'm open for everything - so obviously if the opportunity would be there and would be a great opportunity I'm very open for it."

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