Hamilton can secure title number six in Mexico - but how?

19-10-2019 13:10 | Updated: 19-10-2019 13:59
by Adam Newton
Hamilton can secure title number six in Mexico - but how?

Just two drivers can win the 2019 F1 world title following the Japanese Grand Prix, Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton sits 64 points ahead and with just 104 left to play for, the Brit can secure his sixth F1 world title if things go his way in Mexico next weekend. Here is how he can do it:

Hamilton wins the race and takes fastest lap, taking 26 points. This means Bottas would have to finish third or higher to keep the title mathematically alive.

Hamilton wins the race but does not take the bonus point for fastest lap. Bottas has to finish fourth.

Hamilton finishes second, with or without fastest lap. Bottas must finish seventh, picking up six points.

Hamilton finishes third, with fastest lap. Bottas must finish eighth. Without fastest lap, the Finn only needs ninth.

If Hamilton finishes fourht or lower, he cannot win the title in Mexico, meaning the fight will move on to the United States Grand Prix at least.

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