Brake Gate: "This cannot happen without the knowledge of a driver"

16-10-2019 15:24
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Brake Gate: This cannot happen without the knowledge of a driver

Racing Point submitted a twelve-page file to the FIA after the Japanese Grand Prix stating that they thought Renault were cheating. It is thought that the French team are using a system that automatically adjusts the brake balance. If this is the case then former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher believes that the team will be in big trouble.  

"It is, after all, an unwritten rule that you only come up with such allegations if you are 100% sure," Schumacher said to Sky Germany. “If this is the case, then that is, of course, a complete disaster for Renault. They would fall for the second time.

“The first time was in Singapore when Ricciardo was caught with the energy recovery system that would provide too much power. If this is proven, then that is clearly cheating."

Schumacher believes that the drivers must also know about the system and that they could also be in trouble. 

“This cannot happen without the knowledge of a driver. If as a racer you don't have to adjust your brake balance yourself once, then the penny must fall...

“A driver is responsible for adjusting the brake balance. If this happens automatically, it gives a considerable advantage in turns. You can brake later and through the bend at a higher speed. An automatic system can always do that better than a person."

“The most obvious option is a whistleblower," he said. "There are more than 1000 people working for both teams: One of them will probably change jobs one day. Then it is possible that such information will come to light." 

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