Guenther Steiner: "I think of the team, but Magnussen only thinks of his career"

15-10-2019 16:30
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Guenther Steiner: I think of the team, but Magnussen only thinks of his career

Kevin Magnussen was angry with Haas after the Japanese Grand Prix. His car hasn't really developed and after finishing the race in 17th the Danish driver was disappointed once again. 

Magnussen often speaks his mind and is thought to have complained to team boss Guenther Steiner many times throughout the season. The Haas boss wasn't shy when talking about Magnussen. 

"For me this is about the entire team, while Magnussen is only about his career," Steiner said. "Of course he is angry, but so are we. Normally we give each other the time to come up with the data and the facts, so that we can analyze exactly what went wrong."

Steiner doesn't understand why Magnussen is angry after it was himself who crashed the car in qualifying. 

"If he is angry, he must do that to me, because nobody makes that mistake on purpose. We will not be angry with him if he puts his car in the wall," Steiner said to BT from Denmark.

Haas will have to manage their drivers better if they are to get the maximum points from each Grand Prix. 

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