Ricciardo says he will "ideally re-sign for 2021" with Renault

24-09-2019 11:01
by Adam Newton
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Ricciardo says he will ideally re-sign for 2021 with Renault

Daniel Ricciardo says he wants to re-sign with Renault for 2021, providing the team do not go further backwards after a frustrating 2019 F1 season.

Ricciardo made the brave call to leave Red Bull at the end of last season and join the French team, with the 2021 rule changes in mind, but it's not been quite the season the Australian would have hoped for, currently sitting ninth in the standings with just 34 points.

Despite this relatively underwhelming start to his Renault career, Ricciardo is keen to stick around - but as long as they don't drop even further down the order.

He told Channel 4: “If we went backwards from this year, then yes it wouldn’t be where I expected to be.

“Ideally we move forwards and yes, I remain [with Renault], and a bit like the Red Bull thing, I felt like five years was enough time to let it try to work.

“I really wanted to win a title with Red Bull because they did get me into F1, the story would have been perfect with them.

“Now this whole move to Renault, ideally I re-sign in 2021 and that’s because things are going forward and we have a real chance, if it goes backwards for whatever reason and it doesn’t look positive, then I guess I will cross that bridge.”

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