Ferrari thought about switching Vettel and Leclerc in Singapore!

24-09-2019 08:16
by Adam Newton
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Ferrari thought about switching Vettel and Leclerc in Singapore!

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says that he and his team considered switching Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc before the end of the Singapore Grand Prix, following the pit stop phase that seemed to favour Vettel, even though he was behind on track, and in the drivers' standings.

Vettel took his first win of the season at the Marina Bay Circuit, but Leclerc was not happy with the call to bring the German in a lap earlier than him, resulting in a strong undercut handing the lead to his teammate.

Leclerc seemed to suggest a swap of the drivers would be fair, and Binotto admits that the possibility of team orders did cross his mind.

Accoring to RACER, Binotto said: “I understand Charles somehow is a bit disappointed because he was trying to do his best to win the race, and I think he did whatever he could to win the race.

“Did we consider the swap? Yes, we did. I think we thought at that stage at least it was the right choice not to do it, and obviously now, we are still discussing with the drivers if that was the right choice or not — internally we still have different opinions to discuss. But yes, we thought about it.”

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Should Ferrari have swapped Vettel and Leclerc in Singapore?

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