Daniil Kvyat reveals how drivers prepare for the brutal Singapore Grand Prix

18-09-2019 11:00
by Louis Shaw
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Daniil Kvyat reveals how drivers prepare for the brutal Singapore Grand Prix

Daniil Kvyat is preparing for the Singapore Grand Prix and is ready for the punishing heat and brutal time zone. The Singapore Grand Prix is a night race and drivers have to prepare for this by going to bed at 4am so that they are awake and ready at the time of the race. 

It is very hot and humid in Singapore and to prepare for this drivers have tried to adapt their bodies in training. 

"It's a big challenge, one of the most demanding races of the year from many perspectives as it's very long and in hot and humid conditions, which is why it is so interesting and exciting for the drivers.

"It is very hot and humid and I take this into consideration in my pre-race training. For example, back in Europe, I have been going for runs outside wearing a few more layers than usual, which looks a bit funny and you get strange looks from people in the street." 

The race is held in the evening but Kvyat has revealed how drivers cope with this. 

"Everyone talks about the fact we work at night, but honestly, it's quite easy to deal with: you have a program to follow, you go to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning, which is unusual, but the only really strange thing is that you don't have any jetlag. We've got used to it over the years we've been going there." 

The Singapore Grand Prix is a spectacle. The bright lights and darkness make the cars look beautiful and the way they fly around the street circuit is unbelievable. It should be a great weekend. 


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