FIA adds third DRS zone to Singapore Grand Prix

18-09-2019 08:22
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FIA adds third DRS zone to Singapore Grand Prix

The FIA have added a third DRS zone to the Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit this weekend. The addition of this zone should provide drivers an opportunity to make overtakes.

The FIA have been adding DRS zones to multiple Grand Prix's over the past few years in an attempt to promote overtaking in the sport. The extra zone at Singapore will be between the 13th and 14th corner with the detection zone about 100m before the corner. 

DRS is a controversial talking point amongst Formula 1 fans. The sport has been forced to use it because the cars perform so poorly when they follow each other meaning that DRS is the only way to make a successful overtake. 

Drivers can use DRS in practice and qualifying through the designated zones but must be within one second of an opponent for it to be used during a race. 

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