Abiteboul claims "Renault have a better package than McLaren"

15-09-2019 16:50
by Matt Gretton
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Abiteboul claims Renault have a better package than McLaren

Renault comfortably claimed the best of the rest position last season and with Daniel Ricciardo added to the mix, they were expected to claim 4th place again. But their relationship hasn't been as rosy as predicted. 

McLaren, who use the same engine, are ahead in the Formula 1 world championship by 18 points. McLaren have constantly outscored Renault across the season, but a Renault P4 and P5 in Italy closed the gap significantly. Despite being behind and beaten on most weekends, Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul believes his team have the better package. 

"It's a weird situation, but it's not for nothing that McLaren is at the top of the midfield. They have a good chassis and a good engine. In terms of chassis, they certainly did well in terms of chassis, but we have the better package," Abiteboul told motorsport-total.com. 

"It's just a fact that we have a better package. Sure it differs per track whose car is slightly better, but we have to make the step to get the most out of every weekend. Earlier this season it didn't work out so well, but things went better in Spa and Monza."

It's unsurprising that Renault did well in Spa and Monza. Their weaknesses were hidden as the track characteristics played to their strengths. Even though the F1 circus returns to the tracks which require more downforce, Abiteboul hopes the French team can build on the momentum. 

"We are working hard to improve the car and cannot wait until it finally delivers the desired result," Abiteboul concludes

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