McLaren: "Don’t want to compromise 2020 by switching focus to Renault battle"

11-09-2019 13:33
by Louis Shaw
McLaren: Don’t want to compromise 2020 by switching focus to Renault battle

McLaren are currently leading the battle of the midfield but have said that developing their 2020 car is more important to them than finishing the season 4th. After the summer break, Renault have made a resurgence and will be looking to catch McLaren in the constructor's championship. 

“Of course we want to fight for this P4 as long as possible but at the same time for me, it’s a lot more important to take the next step with next year’s car,” said team boss Andreas Seidl to Motorsportweek. 

“So I don’t want to compromise next year by suddenly switching the focus on this year again.

“We have a plan in place for what we want to do this year, we have a plan in place for how we approach next year, and this is how we approach it."

Although they are focusing on 2020 they have not taken their attention of this season completely. 

“We plan to bring parts – not huge updates but just continuously bringing small things – for the next two or three races at least.

“We just have to see when we fully switch then to next year’s car and the development side. It’s still something which is open.”

Although they have said that they are focusing on next season, McLaren would gain huge confidence finishing the season 4th. They have come so far since 2018 and proof of this would be finishing the season 'best of the rest.' 


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