Lewis Hamilton on last lap drama in Qualifying: "It's risky business"

07-09-2019 15:25 | Updated: 07-09-2019 15:33
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Lewis Hamilton on last lap drama in Qualifying: It's risky business

Lewis Hamilton will start the Italian Grand Prix in second place after a bizarre qualifying session which saw drivers going so slow to try and get a tow. They ran out of time and were unable to set another fast lap.  

When speaking about the strange incident Hamilton said that it was dangerous. 

"It's interesting," Hamilton said to Sky Sports. "Get pole position on the first run and then just time everyone out.

"It's a risky business."

It seems that Hamilton is blaming Ferrari for what happened. 

"Honestly I have to be grateful to be on the front row. I get to have a fight with Ferrari tomorrow.

"As a team, it's a great position to be in."

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