Mattia Binotto hopes Ferrari perform in front of their home crowd

06-09-2019 16:13
by Louis Shaw
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Mattia Binotto hopes Ferrari perform in front of their home crowd

Mattia Binotto is finally enjoying some success as Ferrari's boss. He will be pleased that Ferrari picked up a race win before coming to the Italian Grand Prix but will be hoping that they can win again at their home Italian Grand Prix this weekend. 

"It was fantastic to see so many people there, our fans, the passion," Binotto said after Friday's practise sessions. "The number of people, the guests, was very, very high. The entire square of the Piazza del Duomo was full of people.

"I think it was a great celebration because firstly we hoped people would come after such a bad start to the season I would say, but then here it’s where you can really feel the passion of the Tifosi of Ferrari. It was incredible. We had many drivers of Ferrari of the past. We got people who somehow had been part of the Ferrari history and I think to see all these people on the stage was something impressive.

"From my personal point of view as well being there on the stage and to see so many people it is something that is giving you a boost of energy. After Spa as well it was a great way as well to somehow celebrate the very first victory of the season but certainly a big boost for this weekend as well here in Monza."

Charles Leclerc topped both of today's practice sessions and will hope to continue performing in front of the passionate Italian crowd.  


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