Vettel on the key figures in his career and his first F1 win at Monza

05-09-2019 10:52
by Joseph Tyrrell
Vettel on the key figures in his career and his first F1 win at Monza

Sebastian Vettel has spent 13 years in Formula 1, racing for four teams and winning four World Championships. The German has been outlining the key figures that he had in his career that have helped him to where he is today.

Vettel started his career with BMW before moving to Toro Rosso where he won his first race at Monza. The significance of this victory was he became the youngest driver to win an F1 race and it was in a Ferrari powered vehicle.

"It was special," Vettel said to Sky about his first win.

"With an Italian team, 'powered by Ferrari'. It was a magical day, I thought: "winning is so here". I was wrong: at the next victory at Monza, with a non-Ferrari car, I was booed."

Having spent almost 13 years in the sport Vettel has had a lot of people supporting him and he spoke about the biggest figures in his career.

"Now the most important person is Mattia because he is the boss and so he decides how the car goes.

"In general, certainly the family. It is impossible to start without family support.

"Later, as far as I'm concerned, certainly a lot of help from Red Bull, Dr.Marko. I was very lucky, because I never needed a manager. I have always been free," he added.


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