Renault's possible engine upgrade could give them an extra 10-15 HP

19-08-2019 16:31
by Louis Shaw
Renault's possible engine upgrade could give them an extra 10-15 HP

It has been reported by French Formula 1 outlet that Renault will bring an updated engine to the Belgian Grand Prix. Renault has had a tough season so far and will be hoping that the introduction of their Spec C engine will be enough to get them back to the top of the midfield battle. McLaren have been the midfield team to beat so far this season and as a customer of Renault, this has not gone down well.  

The introduction of the Spec C engine should see an increase of around 10 - 15 horsepower and that is what Renault will need to help them challenge the Toro Rosso and McLaren's which are currently ahead of them. 

Renault will have to be clever with the introduction of their new engine if they are to avoid penalties. Daniel Ricciardo has already received a brand new engine this season at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Therefore Renault are thought to be testing the engine in free practice before deciding to use the new one or the old one for the weekend, therefore avoiding an unnecessary grid penalty. 

Another option is to give McLaren the updated engine and see the performance of it before deciding to use it in their own cars. 

Either way, Renault will be hoping to see an improvement and that they are able to get back on top of the midfield battle. 

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