Charles Leclerc gives honest assessment on mistakes

18-08-2019 17:02 | Updated: 18-08-2019 17:17
by Tom Mason
Charles Leclerc gives honest assessment on mistakes

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has given Sebastian Vettel an honest assessment on how he feels he can improve in the future.

The 21-year old feels that the best way for him to move forward is through recognising his mistakes and looking forward.

He's yet to taste victory this season but currently lies fifth in the standings, below his teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Leclerc has admitted his errors and feels that the only way for him to move forward is, to be honest, and admit mistakes.

"Actually, it’s the way I work," he explained, speaking to

"I think it’s the best way forward, to not try and find any excuses whenever you do a mistake

It’s doing him the world of good driving on the same team as four-time World Champion, who will help him to become a much better driver in the process.

The pair have led their team to 2nd in the constructors' standings, behind Mercedes’.

He added: "[It’s best] just to analyse it and try and be very honest with yourself. That is what I am trying to do every time.

"I’m definitely not ashamed to say whenever I do a mistake, and I did one at the end [in Germany], it’s quite clear, so there’s no need to find excuses."

"I believe a few people sometimes still try and find excuses or makeup excuses for their mistake. I’m not like this."

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