Williams hoping for no changes to 2021 financial regulations

07-08-2019 15:42
by Bevan Youl
Williams hoping for no changes to 2021 financial regulations

Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams says she is hoping that no changes will be made to the financial regulations set to be in place in 2021 with rumours that Ferrari could veto.

The technical regulations are set to be confirmed in October, while the financial regulations, which have a budget cap of $175 million per year, are already in place.
Amid rumours that Ferrari could potentially veto the money cap Williams is confident that there won’t be a change.
Williams said as quoted by GPToday.net: "I haven't heard the word on the street that Ferrari is planning on vetoing.
"We've got this gap now between when then the regulations need to be signed off by the end of October, across all the regulations, not the technical ones.
"Clearly, from our perspective, we are hoping there are no significant changes to any of those, the financial regulations in particular, the technical regulations have still got some work to be done to them.
"But we all have to work in the best interests of our sport and that's to create a great sport for the drivers and teams. But also to create a great show for the fans and make sure that the fans keep turning up to watch us and keep tuning in.
"We need to think about that rather than our own agendas if we're going to think about the future of the sport."

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