Sebastian Vettel: "There is no need for F1 to go to the cities"

22-07-2019 08:35
by Louis Shaw
Sebastian Vettel: There is no need for F1 to go to the cities

Sebastian Vettel believes that Formula 1 does not need to race in cities and instead should target races for their overtaking and racing. Formula 1 has been trying to get Grand Prix's in cities like London but the Ferrari driver believes that this would not be good for the sport.  

“I’m happy with Silverstone, let’s put it that way. I think it’s a great place. There’s no problem with putting a great show on here. There’s no problem getting a great crowd,” he told

“It’s one of the best races we have. It’s a very fair crowd as well, even coming here as a German.

“I don’t think there’s a strong need to go into the cities. I don’t think there would be more people in the city than here. This is great. Every year I can remember more than 100,000 fans each weekend.

“The fans come here every year in big amounts so there’s nothing wrong with it. I hope [Silverstone] negotiated a good deal and squeezed a lot out of Liberty.”

Vettel will hope that future F1 races will be raced on track and not on the streets of cities which would likely lead to poor racing. 

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