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More criticism for Sebastian Vettel: He is an overrated driver

More criticism for Sebastian Vettel: "He is an overrated driver"

21-07-2019 13:09 Last update: 15:12

Former Ferrari academy chief Luca Baldisserri believes Sebastian Vettel is an overrated driver and should be second to Charles Leclerc. Baldisserri, who left Ferrari in 2015, says Ferrari needs to keep Vettel, but in a support role. 

Vettel has been picking up criticism like a vacuum cleaner over recent weeks. His crash with Max Verstappen during the British Grand Prix gave him another magnet for criticism. Alain Prost recently gave him sympathy, but Baldisserri can't help point out those sort of mistakes. 

"I am critical of Vettel. I think he is an overrated driver and not the successor to Michael Schumacher. This is still the driver that won four world championships, but he makes too many mistakes and has to find himself in some way," Baldisserri told Pit Talk Radio podcast. 

"When Leclerc becomes a more mature and experienced rider, he will need a teammate who can help and support. I believe that Vettel has the necessary experience to become an excellent partner for Leclerc."

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