Daniel Ricciardo wants an "even playing field" in Formula 1

11-07-2019 08:21
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Daniel Ricciardo wants an even playing field in Formula 1

Daniel Ricciardo wants Formula 1 to return to its racing roots and become more like Karting where cars are constantly overtaking each other. The Renault driver has said that there is no "even playing field" in the sport and this means that teams with the most money are the teams that seem to win. 

Formula 1 cars struggle to perform when following each other and this means that overtaking becomes challenging with most moves being done with the use of DRS. 

There is also a huge gap between the top three teams and the midfield. 

“In F1 the frustrating thing is the even playing field,” Ricciardo was quoted by the Express. “It just doesn’t exist.

“It’s a shame because as a kid, growing up with karting, wheel to wheel racing is what you fall in love with. With the rules, we’re trying to find a way to make it closer and to give us drivers a chance to fight more.

“But it’s complicated, because with F1 it’s not just a sport, it’s a business and there’s always other agendas behind it.”

Renault would have hoped to have been battling for the 'best of the rest' but have so far struggled this season. Ricciardo will hope that the rule changes for 2021 will make the playing field fairer and cars overtaking each other.  

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